Raoul Wallenberg Memorial.Raoul Wallenberg MemorialSunny morning.History for the whole family.Waterfront.The Vasa - a complete 17th century ship housed in its own museum.Details of the bow.The Vasa  capsized and sunk in its maiden voyage - which lasted all of 1500 metres.Stern castle - no wonder it was top heavy.The ship was recovered in 1962 and underwent a 30 year conservation and restoration program before the museum opened to the public.One of the recovered cannons.Under the bow.A 1:10 replica and the real thing.It was one of the largest ship of its time.Detailed wooden figures adorn the stern.450 people sailed on the Vasa. 50 died in the wreck.A peek inside.The museum is superbly designed to showcase the ship from every angle.Chilling out.Boating.