Zenfolio | Mauricio Drelichman | Duffey Lake / Fraser Valley Loop

This 720 km loop starts north from Vancouver, passes Whistler and Pemberton, climbs the Duffey Lake Road to the Cayoosh Pass, descends to the gold rush town of Lillooet and goes on to the crossroads at Cache Creek, which is roughly the halfway point. The return from Cache Creek takes you through a series of historic railway and gold rush towns along the spectacular Thompson and Fraser Canyons south to the town of Hope, and from there west along the Fraser valley back to Vancouver.

We took two full days to cover the loop, stopping to take in the sights at the numerous provincial parks that dot the route. If you have a day or two to spare while in BC, it is definitely worth a try!
Lower Joffre Lake.Logjam on Duffey Lake.Duffey Lake Road.Seton Lake.Thompson Valley.Thompson Valley.Golden afternoons.Entering Cache Creek.Straight out of the movie "Cars".Fire Hall.St. Alban.Fraser canyon.Landslide.Motel.Female osprey with chick.Daddy's gone fishing.Iron bridge on the old Fraser highway.Alexandria bridge.Historic church.Othello tunnels.