Zenfolio | Mauricio Drelichman | Low Countries

Flanders and the Netherlands were historically known as the Low Countries. Although they are politically separate entities today, a quick visit reveals that they share the same culture and way of life. These images are from a visit to Belgium and two visits to Holland in 2007 and 2008.
Bridges and canals in Brugge.Bikes against houses - an old photographic cliché that still works very well.Belfry.The view of down there from up here.Clockwork.Main square.Belgian specialty #1: beer.There was once wealth in this city. And it shows.Curiositeiten.Windows.Canals.Main square portico.Colorful houses.Belgian specialty #2: chocolate.Main square after the storm.Aalst on a sleepy Sunday morning.They like bicycles here.Gent is the birthplace of Charles V. He quelled a tax revolt here and punished the population by having them parade in front of him in their night gowns with hangman's nooses around their necks.And Gent's wealth was made on merchant shipping.